A big welcome to puzzledfamily.com! We reside in a universe first introduced in the children’s book, “Puzzle Piece Goes to Rainbow School,” a tale of autism acceptance aimed at ages 4-8 and written by Tanis and Allison Frohriep. Throughout the site, you will find comics about our lives and living with both autism and neurofibromatosis while facing the challenges and joys that all families face. Come on in and meet Maureen, Norm, Owen, Anna, and Charlie!

Comics are sorted into four categories below. Click on the button to view comics in that category and enjoy! Don’t forget to check out “Acceptance and Advocacy” for links on autism, neurofibromatosis, and advocacy.

"Puzzle Piece Goes to Rainbow School" began the Puzzle Piece Universe. It includes the story of Puzzle Piece learning where he fits in the Puzzle Piece Universe after starting school. It is aimed at ages 4-8 and written by a mother/daughter team. Also included are notes on teaching autism acceptance from both authors.

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Puzzle Piece Goes to Rainbow School Coloring Pages
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