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Meet the Family

Mom of three

Expert in acronyms

Soft in the middle and a little frazzled at the edges

Creative and artistic but personal endeavors have fallen by the wayside

Once had friends, now has sisters-in-arms

Listens to no music made after the turn of the millennia and prides herself in it

Caffeine? Anti-Anxieties? Wine? Tattoos? She says "Yes, please"


Step-Dad to three wholly unique and challenging individuals

Some question his sanity in choosing this particular family, but he's quite sure he made the right choice

Cerebral, geek-type who can still swing a hammer and hit the nail on its head

Listens to National Public Radio without irony

Suffers through zombie marathons with Maureen. That's love, folks!


Academically gifted and he knows it

A little bit of autism and a whole lot of love, unless we're talking about his sister.

Has Neurofibromatosis Type 1, thus the cafe au lait birthmarks

Spent a good chunk of his childhood in a wheelchair or walker

Music of choice is motion picture scores

Obsessions include Star Wars, professional, colligate and high school athletics, Pokemon, video games and not much else


Give me a C, give me an H, now give me a double EE, and give me an R. CHEER! CHEER! CHEER!

Adores and coddles Charlie. Owen? Not so much

DRA-matic at all things

Loves her cat, Creamee

Can you say Instagram?

Does handstands in the middle of the kitchen

Likes to switch the music on her mom's Echo (aka "Alexa") to something "a tad more modern"

Pretty sure it shouldn't be legal not to have a lock on her bedroom door


Ridiculously cute

Insanely affectionate

The autism fairy stole his words

Loves to kiss his many stuffed animals goodnight as part of the bedtime routine

Strongly attracted to bodies of water

Has great friends due to an awesome peer-to-peer program at his school

Once tried to log in to the school computer as "Gordon Lightfoot" as a KINDERGARTNER!

Loves to dance with his mom the the Beatles "Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da"

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