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Relationship Goals

Technology breaks are important for this couple, just like they are for many other couples. As soon as the kids go to bed, the phones or laptops come out. Communication is reduced to a muffled "hmmm" or an occasional "sure" or "yup". Monosyllabic communication isn't good for anyone, much less couples who want to remain strong. Put down that technology and snuggle every now and then.

Oh, that Norm! How sweet is he? As a stepdad, he's never on the frontlines of the IEP meeting, but he does feel Maureen's anxiety and insecurity over it. He wants to take it all away, but knows he can't, so he does the next best thing: bring a smile to her face.

What can be said? When you're in love with someone you see past the physical. Sometimes it takes a 12 year old girl to point things out. Norm sees Maureen through her new bangs and eyebrows. He sees into her heart and soul.

There's always something to come between two people. Usually, it's the kids and their activities and needs, but every now and then, or in this household, all the time, it's of the feline persuasion. time. Sometimes, err...oftentimes, we find ourselves too tired at night to work on our relationship with our significant other. It's not just special needs parents that face this trial, it's all parents. Even if you don't have time or energy for anything else, a simple gesture of snuggling and holding hands is so worth the effort.

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